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3/30/09 12:15 am - forever_drownin - Front This Scene's Kurt Cobain week

Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd make a quick post to tell you about the webzine I co-run. It's called Front This Scene, and this week we are celebrating the life and career of Kurt Cobain as we gear up to mark the 15th anniversary of his death.

We'll be posting a mix of reviews and articles every day this week. Day one has just been posted, and I'd love for you all to check it out and pass the link on to any other Nirvana fans!

Heavier Than Heaven: An Introduction to Kurt Cobain


4/28/06 06:19 pm - kurco281 - little bit about moi.

1. Name>>Tanya
2. Age>>14
3. When did you first hear Nirvana?>>it's always been around but i only got into them about 3 yrs. ago.
4. How do you believe Kurt died?>>MURDER.definitely. read Who Killed Kurt Cobain and Love & Death.
5. What is your favourite Nirvana song?>>opinion, about a girl, lithium, verse chorus verse.
6. Do you have a favourite Kurt/Nirvana quote?>>“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”
7. Anything else you'd like to add? i <3 kurt, krist, and dave.

4/26/06 01:38 am - taevus - My info (newb)

1. Name: Stefan Gordon
2. Age: 17
3. When did you first hear Nirvana? Not too long ago. I was 5 at the time of Kurt's death. I think the first Nirvana song I heard was in around '99/'00.
4. How do you believe Kurt died? I'd like to think it was suicide. It would be more comforting if he went out on his own terms, than if some fucking dickless shit killed him and got away with it too.
5. What is your favourite Nirvana song? Changes every few hours. But probably Scentless Apprentice.
6. Do you have a favourite Kurt/Nirvana quote? "just because you're paranoid/don't mean they're not after you"-territorial pissings, "i'm actually afraid to touch myself"-kurt cobain: journals
7. Anything else you'd like to add? Nothing really...I guess I hope that I haven't joined a dead group. Maybe it sounds stupid since obviously, I'm not old enough to have any memories from back in Nirvana's existence, but nethertheless, I still feel get my inspiration and motivation for life from Kurt, through his music and himself as a person. I can only read pages from books and listen to songs, but I still feel a loose connection or relation. On a another plain I guess. Meh...that's enough.

7/21/05 01:54 pm - forever_drownin

Hey everybody

As I'm sure you know "Last Days", the film "loosely" based on the life/death Kurt Cobain is coming out this year. The movie has already made it's debut at The Cannes Film Festival (I think).

I know a lot of fans are against the movie, and I wasn't too struck on the idea myself. But I've watched the trailer, and it looks like it'll be a beautiful film. Here's the link to the offical site, where you can watch the trailer, read the synopsis, learn about Gus Van Sant and listen to "That Day", the Pagoda song featured in the trailer and on the movie soundtrack.



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7/19/05 09:39 pm - bluefire311

Hi. Im new to this community and im posting about a petition thats going on, about reopening Kurt Cobain's death case. The site:


It would be great if you would sign it, no matter why you signed it. the petition needs 10,000 signatures so it would be really helpful if you tell other people about it. If you're not going to sign it please dont comment saying you think its stupid or arguing about how you think he died.

Thanks. Sorry about not filling in the application..=(

4/20/05 10:01 pm - forever_drownin

I'm sure you've all heard about "The Last Days", which is a film being made about the last days in the life of a Seattle based rock star. The makers of the film have said it is "reminiscent" of Kurt Cobain, so obviously I was interested.

The main character is Blake, and is being played by Michael Pitt, of whom I'm a big fan. Tonight, I came across this picture which was taken on set of "The Last Days"

PictureCollapse )

I think that's a bit more than reminiscent!
I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the film, michael pitt as kurt cobain, and why the film makers are only saying it's "reminiscent". Personally, I think they're only doing it so that they won't face a legal battle with Courtney Love if they say something she doesn't agree with, but hey, she will fight over anything.
So yeah, I'm just wondering what you all think!

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4/2/05 07:45 pm - cayleighb

LyKe WhO wOoD dOo TiS?/////??? LeTz FlAmE!111!!!!!!


4/2/05 02:13 pm - bloomin_hottie

1. Name- Emily
2. Age - 15
3. When did you first hear Nirvana? Years ago...about 11 years old
4. How do you believe Kurt died? Shot himself in mouth but murder was considered
5. What is your favourite Nirvana song? Smells Like Teen Spirit or Come as You Are
6. Do you have a favourite Kurt/Nirvana quote? "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."
7. Anything else you'd like to add? Kurt Cobain Lives!!!

I suppose thats it!!



3/23/05 12:56 pm - sassah_ - New Nirvana Community

Who says you can't be a member of two communities? Join _nirvanafans

2/27/05 08:49 pm - silence_xkillsx

You didn't say anything about promoting other communities....i made one of my own, and would appreciate it if some people checked it out, cause I dont have like any members yet. Its just another Kurt community....

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